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      The Broadheads

      Where to buy a suit

      Please could anyone give advice on where to buy a decent suit that won't break the bank (mens). Got an interview
      Thanks, Rich.

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      i heard peter shearer on rundle mall are good for suits

      congrats on the interview, good luck

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      The Broadheads
      Great thanks, I'll have a look there. Just found Ferrari menswear on Main South Road too.

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      cornish Busdriver
      I hired a suit from ferrari and got no complaints, fitted a treat and cost wasnt too bad

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      One thing I will say is to be careful if buying shirts over here, make sure you do try them on, as the neck-body ratio seems to be different over here compared to the UK. My OH has always had huge trouble in Australia because to get a neck big enough to fit him, he ends up swimming in the body. Took him to M&S in the UK last Sept, and found him a couple that fitted no problem.

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      The Broadheads
      Thanks guys, really helpful, Gonna try these out over the weekend.



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