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    Thread: Whats the water company in Adelaide?

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      Team Vickers

      Whats the water company in Adelaide?

      Hi all, my first thread and hopefully not my last. Wife and I want to move out with our two children to Adelaide. I currently work as a design team leader in the water industry. Was wondering if anyone works for the water company and/or if you know who to send my CV(sorry, resume) to for Adelaide Water or any local (civil engineering) consultants?

      Hopefully I get sponsored, does anyone know how difficult/easy this is from experience?

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      It's worth sending your resume to the above, but I wouldn't hold out for sponsorship as it's quite rare in most industries unfortunately.

      It may be worth getting in contact with a few agencies in Adelaide and seeing if they can get you in contact with some companies as many big ones only recruit through agencies.

      Good luck and welcome.
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      Adelaide Aqua is the subby for the desal plant.

      I wouldn't be banking on sponsorship from these guys.

      Leed engineering do some big stuff, and Maritime construction.
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      Design work is normally carried out by consultants.

      Try SKM/KBR/Aurecon/PB/Tonkin, most of those are multinational/global and quite often transfer people between offices, but as per a previous poster suggested outright sponsorship is rare

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      May be a Red Herring but try www.thincprojects.com . This is only grapevine quality advice but they have a branch in Adelaide with (rumour has it) roots into the water industry. They are also international with branch in UK. Can't vouch for sponsorship as I know nothing about it.

      Best of luck and I look forward to seeing you around!
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