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      The closing date for the next Vatassess practical is Tues, does these mean my husband needs to already done the online part and had a peply by then or does it mean as long as he has started the application for the online assessement. I have emailed vat but I wont get a reply as its the weekend.
      Any Ideas?

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      You have to have done the paper based assessment and had a reply back from that before you can do the practical assessment

      Hope this helps
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      Thanks alot. I did think this was the case, was just hoping!!
      I have just been onto Vatassess to put in an application and it states in the job description that plumbers must have worked with gas my husband hasnt, so doesnt look good

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      plumbing over here is a different trade, they go from the road to the house (including the digging) and do the gas.

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      That explains it then.. my husband does all the digging from the road to supply etc now but just doesnt do the gas bit as never had to.
      What I'm confused about is we thought that you could chose from 2 options from roofing to gas and my husband can do the roofing part?!


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