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    Thread: are there job agencies working for job seeker in Adelaide?

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      are there job agencies working for job seeker in Adelaide?

      I am a construction project manager.
      I worked as a construction engineer, estimator and recently project manager.

      I'm looking for a job in Adelaide. I applied several positions advertised by recruitment agencies. but still no results.

      I heard there are job agencies working for job seeker with some payment.
      Do you have any information job agencies working for job seeker?

      Thanks alot.

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      A lot of recruitment agencies aren't interested until you are in Australia.

      My husband asked his agent why he didn't get any responses when he applied from the UK and he said they had been let down in the past and therefore do not recruit unless on Australian soil.

      Keep looking though there may be some but I think thats generally the way it's done.

      Good Luck
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      Thank you.
      I already in Adelaide. arrived in here last May.
      My wife opened a shop in the city last Nov., I had to help her in the mean time.
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      It might be worth having a look at your CV (Resume) and seeing if you can redo it to make it more "Aussie-style"! Suzer, a member on here, offers a CV rewriting service, might be worth dropping her a line.
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