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      Printing Jobs

      Just a quick question.......

      Does anyone have any idea if there is much work in Adelaide for litho printers? My OH is hoping to get a printing job when we get there but when we went on our reccie in Oct 2005 the trade seemed to be in a decline, he found this out from speaking to a couple of printing firms in the city, any info would be much appreciated, thanks :D

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      donna T
      Sorry I don't know the answer to this - try Martyn and Carol as I think he is in the same line. My OH is a print finisher and we are desperatly hoping that industry is okay as we leave next Friday :D

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      Litho printing

      Hi there, I am going out as a pre-press operator and to my knowledge there are loads of printing firms in SA and there appears to be loads of printing jobs available from the research I have done.

      Your best bet is to check out the website: www.seek.com.au and look for printing jobs this will give you some idea of the kind of jobs on offer also try looking on the yellow pages website in Aus for printing companies. You should be able to compile a list of all the printing companies in SA as I have done and then pick out the ones with websites and maybe send them an email explaining your situation and see if you get any feedback from them.

      Hope this helps a little!!!!!!!


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      Thanks for the info Paul - I will get OH onto the case!! :D



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