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      PLUMBER JOBS/ Employer Sponsorship

      we have just started the visa process and have 2 options SS or Employer Sponsership. We are aware ES will take longer but we think it would be the best option for ourselfs.

      My OH is a plumber/water enigneer. He is booked on to the Vatassess assesment in April. He has 10 years experience in this line of work and is a supervisor at present.

      Does anyone know any employers that have sponsored plumbers in the past or if any employers are looking into sponsoring English experienced plumbers in the very near future??

      Also... I work in a department store as a sales manager( beauty & fashion accessories ), I have 10 yrs experience of management in retail and have also managed cosmetic accounts too. What is work like in that field?

      Thank you for reading this, any info would be great!:daydreaming:

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      Ken Hall plumbers advertise that they are happy to employ new comers and to help them sort out their plumbing quals etc. I know that there are a few PIA members who are employed by them. Adelaide Plumber - Ken Hall Plumbers, Adelaide | Plumber Magill | Plumber Elizabeth | Norwood | Kensington | Salisbury

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      Thanks for that I did come across them online yesterday, I have emailed them so fingers crossed. I have got a long list of plumbers off the web to work through now!



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