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      Question PEER - Wiring Regs & White Card


      If I understand right, I can study for my Wiring Regs while in the UK and sit them when I get to Oz. Can anyone give me a contact email for (is it) PEER? I take it thats who I need to get in touch with to do the course by correspondence.

      Any help gratefully recieved



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      Hi John.

      Your right it is PEER you need to get intouch with. Go to www.peer.com.au and click on overseas learning, that will give you all the info you need. I have the books on file that i can email if you'd like, save you buying them, unless of course you'd want hard copies then no worries...

      Anyway, send me a pm if you'd like the books

      Regards Rich
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      Cheers mate, if you could email them it would be great help. My email is Powerelect32@aol.com. Hope its not too tough - haven't had to study for a long time (except UK updates)

      How are you finding the work over there was it hard to get started? My biggest worry is finding work and of course follows the rest of the list, like where to live, will the boys like,etc etc



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