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      plumbing jobs in adelaide

      Hi all,
      My hubby is fully qualified plumber 21yrs experience running his own plumbing company. We have made the decision to move to australia and at the moment Adelaide seem to be the one area we can all agree on! Cany anyone give us an idea of what the work is like over there for plumbers and what the average wage is? Also we have 3 kids and I am leaning towards a costal town and would appreciate any feed back on family friendly areas??

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      hi there we emigrated to adelaide been here since 5th jan living in the woodcroft area .Im a gas fitter from the uk i was corgi registered (gas safe) in the uk with over 12 yrs experiance in plumbing and heating industry . The problem im having i have no qualifications in plumbing only had gas quals. Its been a nightmare as the only license they will give to me is a provisional which means apprentice licence untill i can obtain my certificate 3 in plumbing which luckily with my experiance it should only take a few months . Have to go back to collage to do this then i can get my restricted license which means you can work unsupervised only . And theres more , the next step is to get ur full unrestricted license which means more courses more money . Unrestricted licenses means you can self certify your work and own your own company . Dnt come over with all the hype you hear in the uk about plumbers being desperatly needed ive been here nearly 8 weeks and im just about to start work . Dont let me put you off this place is amazing once u get here and see the life style and how chilled out this place is youll love it . starting off as a plumber the wages are about $25 to$35 an hour working for a company but when you own your own company you can earn mega bucks$$$$$$$ you can tell a plumber because they all drive very nice motors with boats, jetskis hanging of the back of them its wicked here youll love it its like going back 15 years its so oldfashioned there so far behined the uk it untrue . out ya need to know give me a shout good luck karl

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      My OH is a plumber with 20 years + experience. He has been self employed ever since he came out of his apprenticeship working with plumbing and drainage, mainly domestic but some industrial. He is not corgi registered. When we get to Oz (perhaps i should still be saying "if" we get there) he wants to work for someone else. He has been looking at various plumbing contractors and also the mining sector. We are hoping to live south of the city, but he is used to commuting. Do any of you plumbers over there have any advice or information. Is there plenty of work around? We have got our meds next week and hope that visa should be issued soon after that. Just got to sell the house...hope to be down under by September, fingers crossed!

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      happy new year to you.

      My name is Rick. I am 46 (going on 25), a UK London based General Plumber/Bathroom fitter, although originally I was born and raised in the South West of the UK and the lovely country/seaside of Cornwall and Devon. My wife and I are now planning to Emigrate to Australia. I saw your ad online at the www.jobsearch.gov website and thought It would be a good idea to apply. You may be looking for younger applicants, that tend not to have a very good work ethic, no financial commitments and a rather hectic social like to juggle around their work. I on the other hand,just need work, income, rent, food, utilities, job satisfaction and security, etc.

      For the last five years as a self employed Plumber, I have specialised in the non GAS domestic market mostly, fixing leaks, servicing radiator systems, toilets and sinks etc, in homes, shops and pubs. Full bathroom installations, including wall and floor tiling, mains water supplies to wash rooms, bathrooms, washing machines/Dishwashers, coffee machines and the like, in homes, kitchens and bars.

      I fix water leaks, install and service radiators, toilets and sinks (kitchen and bathroom). I can plumb in washing machine and dishwashers. Make plumbing connection indoor and outdoor ie outside taps for washing cars, watering plants, fish ponds, swimming pools or out building water supply for converting a spare garage into living accommodation. I do tiling of walls and floors and I'm pretty good at wood work and carpentry. etc, etc, etc. the bloody list is endless.

      I also have many, many years experience of warehousing and forklift truck driving with a lift capacity of 4 tonne ((counterbalance with clamp attachment, carpet spike, side shift and rotating forks and some reach-truck in warehouse experience while) Obtained over the years through working for flooring contractor, truck part wholesaler and a paper mill.

      My wife is an NHS Nurse who spends most of her week up to her elbows in blood and guts as a Theatre Practitioner, has family already living in Adelaide, whom she has not seen for many years and I, a very dear friend of my family who moved to Seaford Rise, with her 'Roofer' husband and kids the end of last year. So Adelaide obviously would be our first choice for relocation, but beggars can't be choosers, as they say.

      The well known turn of phrase 'rip off Britain' is very over used but true. London in particular is most probably the city that typifies the phenomenon more than most here. What with it's Congestion Charge and Exorbitant parking charges, constantly increasing public transport cost. daily hitting the people that drive it's economy; the Tradesmen and the commuters. Every time you take two steps forward some robbing bleeder knocks you back one and you can certainly find it hard to get ahead of the game in this Banker driven city. The crippling economy is driving most people to the wall, which isn't the best state of affairs for tradesmen, as most people can't afford to move property when their families grow. Due mostly to the over priced property market and a massive housing shortage. This tends to force them to renovate the home they are in but instead of getting trades in to help, they choose to D.I.Y. If the phone don't ring you don't earn a living wage. My wife has taken the brunt of it in our home, taking on overtime with a nursing agency to make things meet. Now the TAXMAN demands 40% of her hard earned, which cuts her income by almost half.

      Any help or interest you may show would be gratefully received. The possibility of sponsorship would make my year but not essential.



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