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    Thread: Nurses

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      Are any of you going over without a job lined up?? We've never been to Australia before (mad some might say), but hoping to fly on a 176 visa in aug/sep this year. Have approached some hospitals via email and advised once visa confirmed to contact them again. Everyone here keeps asking 'have you got a job there?' My thoughts are that seeing as i've never been before, how do i know if i wanna work in a particular hospital etc. If i was to apply for a job over here, i'd visit the hospital prior, so isnt that wise to do in a country that i've never been to???

      I'm slightly worried about the job situation though, obviously having a job would take a lot of pressure off financially, and means the savings would last longer, but my hubby just thinks that we should aim to have interviews lined up, and if not then apply over there, and agency work is always there too. What are your thoughts about this??

      I've only worked on a gastro ward for two years, and am now on a respiratory ward (two months in), but all for the same trust. Did my training in the same trust too, so only know how this particular trust works. Anyone else worried about this??

      Also, anyone know what the differences are between nursing in UK and Oz, as I keep getting conflicting reports. Sometimes here I have 13 patients to care for with an HCA support, surely it cant be true that they only have 4-6 patients in Oz??

      Anyway, my thoughts are all over the place since getting CO, meds in just over a week, sent PCC off, and now getting paperwork together for AHPRA. Seems that the new system is a bit rubbish. Any ideas/info would be helpful.


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      Hi Leemina,
      I agree with your husband, wait till you get there. There's plenty of jobs advertised on SA Health and careerone.com.au it also depends where you want to live to where you work. Apparently there's not as much daily pressure in Oz, which will be nice. I'm a NP in general practice, just waiting for skills assessment to come back! We went out 1 yr ago on the WDU programme, and after looking around i'd advise you to wait till you get there cos most places we saw were lovely. Good luck. Bev
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      Dont worry!

      Hi, we came out here nearly four years ago, and the furthest I'd been up til that point was Corfu!!! I got the first job I applied for with RDNS (community nurses) and for me, it's been like that ever since. Lots of job availability and in my experiance, managers are very flexible in hours/days you want to work. I've not worked in a hospital setting and am currently a Care Manager in aged care, and I can assure you the staffing levels are quite dire, although they do meet the council requirements. British trained Nurses are sought after so even if you don't immediately find your dream job, you wont have any difficulties finding a job.

      I know it's daunting and overwhelming but it'll be ok, honestly.

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