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      Plumbing vacancies

      Hello my oh is a plumber with over 20 years experience, we have SS and our visa is lodged, so I'm now looking at the job market in Adelaide and surrounding areas, we have a CV ready and would like to know of any employers may be interested in reading through his CV.

      Thank you
      The wardles

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      in our experience the plumbing companies just emailed back on jobs we applied for before we arrived and said contact us when you get here! dont worry there are heaps of plumbingf companies and lots of jobs avaliable and its probably best to see where you are going to live before applying for jobs my husband applied, was interviewed and started a job within a week of arriving in adelaide! companies also pay between $20-$40 an hour so you might just want to apply for a few on arrival and see what your best offer isd! good luck!

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      My OH is a plumber with 20 years experience in UK. We are hoping to get to SA later this year and plan on living down south from around Sheidow Park / Hallett cove (depending on property prices and high schools). Can anyone recommend any plumbing companies working in that area that could be potential employers? Also OH has been looking at work options in mining industry so any info on that would also be welcome. Thanks and look forward to hearing from anyone with advice or info. x

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      Hi kfoley0681

      I am sorry to bother you, I have been trying to send you a quick PM to ask your husband a couple Plumbing related advice questions, I do not know if they have reached you as I am having terrible reliability issues with my broadband. Please can you let me know if you have or have not had the messages. Many thanks Steve..

      Ps Would your husband have the time or be prepared to have a chat with me re any companies he might have heard of that are looking for plumbers at the moment, my number is
      (please PM) thanks again
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      Hi did you manage to find the job you were after im in a similar position looking for a job as a gas fitter , i specialise in catering equipment and laundry equipment, any help you might give would be great,
      Thanks keith



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