thanks for this post. My oH and i have decided that we do want to go down the pr route as the migration agent did also say that that process at the moment isnt taking too long. As such if peyton will extend the deadline for getting there to work then like yourself we would have a greater option. Ok so fingers crossed x

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Hi there! Must admit your thread has worried me a bit. I too had an offer of PR at interview last May, which they later retracted. However, it did help me to decide that PR is definitely the way to go, especially if you have kids. I am still going with them, but I have done all the PR myself, therefore I shouldn't be obligated to them if things aren't right. The 176's seem to be going through quite quickly now. In some ways it's nice to know you have an agency to ring with queries, as it's all such a big move.
You are right, I am now dealing with the 3rd Consultant since last year! Wonder why the last 2 disappeared! All the best!