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    Thread: Real trouble finding work

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      I think you mind is already made up mate, good luck
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      Thank you again for the support you have all been a great help in your own ways....I wish i had swallowed my pride and asked for advice a bit sooner.....I wont drag this out any longer as you all have lives to get on with.........I need to think.......Many thanks Steveo
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      What kind of fishing do you do? Fresh or salt?
      Insured A-Class Electrician
      PM me for a sensible quote
      domestic - commercial - industrial

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      Hi I did both mostly freshwater (Carp,Barble,Pike and trout) back in the UK, I did bring a bit of salt water fly gear with me but left the rest of my stuff in the UK.

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      Hi Steve - your story sounds so familiar -I know exactly what you mean. Was thinking that maybe you could find some temporary work with one of the councils - maybe not in plumbing as you say you need to get your certificate but at least would bring some cash in, get you out and about and maybe you could shake something loose that way.

      An agency called Skilled does the recruitment for the Adelaide City Council in the more industrial type jobs and I think an agency called Maxima (something like that) also recruits industrial job. So figuring if you really want to stay which given all that you have given up to come here seems a ptiy to throw away worth giving them a call and even if you can just get a bit of work it will help things along.

      Adelaide is a place which works on who you know - so if you dont know anyone you are really stuck that is why getting out and about and getting to meet people helps. Also you have to be really really persistent with them - phone every day if necessary till they give you something just to get you out of their lives.

      Keep talking - dont shut up!!! There are lots more people in the same boat as you are but most dont post figuring they are the only one.
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      Tyke PDF is protected I think. U may have to save the doc as a whole and then send it.
      Just a thought.
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      Quote Originally Posted by stevewhite View Post
      Hi thanks to all the encouragement posts..........I really appreciate them.............I am aware its gonna be tough,.....I am aware that my
      time this time is short, last timeI was here was alot longer, thing is how long do you try for before you think hang on what am I doing??? I now have a good job offered back in blighty but that is only open for a short time.........I suppose I just work out how much I want to be here, it might seem stupid but thats the problem, I looked forward and saved hard for an unkown quantity/ dream based on what I thought or felt I should be doing with my life but thats the word should....I do not know if I was trying to prove things to myself or anyone else but now it jus does not feel right and that is no doubt effecting my attitude.......Anyway thanks again for the posts, I have alot of thinking to do..........

      Hi Steve

      You could try speaking to Matt, the cornish Bus Driver, his company offer free training if you sign up for a year, so i'm told.

      You can call me on 0415 767600.

      The fisrt few months are really difficult, we had no work for 5 months!! And there are 3 of us in the family. Keep your chin up.....things will surely work out just give it time.


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      I'm no expert in plumbing but if our free job seeker workshops can help you please do apply for a place - have you seen the poster? (If not email me bh@developmentatwork.com for updated poster and details). At least it will be new contacts and support in your job search. Many Brits do face this difficult process, sorry to hear you are stressed

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      cornish Busdriver
      Hiya Steve.
      Have you considered driving ?
      Yes i will be the first to admit its not the greatest job in the world but its a job.
      The company i work for is always on the look out and it comes with paid training.
      Minimum $400 takehome per week whilst training (4 weeks) then onto full pay and take home depends on how many hrs you put in.
      My average is around $1000 - $1200 per week after deductions so there is money to be made.
      Just an idea mate

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      Thanks again for the, helpful advice on things...

      Well I suppose I may as well tell you that I had dark mood and booked a last min flight to blighty..

      I kind of did it in trance and have been in blighty a few hours now.

      Is it nice to be here??..To be honest I dont really know yet...

      After reading alot of posts from ping poms which is apparently what I am, I have decided to risk the money on a trip back. I will not start the job I have been offerd , I jus want to take a few days to look around, slow my head down and release the pressure and weight that I have imposed on myself to succeed in Oz..I want to get some head space to allow me think without clouded and negative thought which had started to affect my judgement. Some of you may think I have copped out, run away, or given up but if doing this gives me clarification and chance to clear my mind a make sure I end up where I really want to be then its been money worth spending. I am going to Colliford reservoir on bodmin moore for a spot of trout fishing, its a place where I find a calmness and inner peace that I do not find in many places....Its gonna be nice weather so I will go walkabout and exorcise my demons, talk to a sheep or two and maybe even if I lucky share a few moment with a glorious brown trout....

      Thanks again everyone I will let you all know what the outcome is..

      All the best Steve
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