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    Thread: What is your Trade?

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      Quote Originally Posted by willow1234 View Post
      hi martin, do u no of any factories in adelaide ? is it true that they are all north ? SORRY to impose on your thread zoe.................

      hi willow your not imposeing any advice is helpful for all of us.
      where abouts are you, are you an upholsterer would be nice to speak to someone in the same trade living in oz. thanks craig n zoe

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      hi zoe, we in seaford (south of adelaide). im a upholstery machinist n cutter! what i gather all the work is up north. when we arrived (may 10) i phoned all out of phone book and unnfortuatley alot of people was either a one-man band or calling it a day! i work for someone at the mo but would love to go back in to a factory, for company more than anything.... as for my research in this field all the factories are up north, hope this is of some help sorry if it isnt

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      Hi Im the same as you I originally wanted to work in a factory for a company to meet people but the larger ones are all north. The smaller ones have up to 5 employees including machinist etc.
      I work in Kidman park at the mo and travel about 40 mins each way, gotta do what you gotta do. The smaller ones like A1 only employ a couple of people. I will probably end up working for myself again in the future which wasnt what I originally planned.

      The nearest large factory is probably Lan Franco but for a skilled man you would die of bordom on the production line and the wages tend to be less as they dont use your skills as much.

      If you want to discuss it in person sometime let me know?


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      Hi craig, you will need to writr to the Trades Regognition Australia (TRA). And apply online for the visas, all info availiable at DIAC aus.
      Cheers Martin


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