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    Thread: What is your Trade?

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      Question What is your Trade?

      I have been trying to apply for a 176 visa for south oz my trade is a Furniture Upholsterer. I sent my forms and payment off and had a phone call a few days later to say they can't find a assessor in the uk for my trade And they would refund my money i am now trying to find a assessor myself in the uk but it is proving to be a bit of a nightmare to say the least....I was woundering if anyone on here is the same trade as me or knows of a assessor for furniture upholstery.

      any ideas i would be very greatful.

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      Try Australian Skills Assesment in the UK on the internet. Have a look at Assessing Authorities in the UK, also on the internet. Not sure if ASA does your occupation.

      Good luck!
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      Hi in your case it is worth getting sponsorship from an employer but you would need to come here first and talk to one.
      Or get yourself on an evening course for city and guilds upholstery which is recognised and with your proven work history and references this will be enough for thr TRA in Australia to pass you dont expect an easy ride though youve got to want it.
      Good luck Martin

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      Thanks for your post martin.

      I would look into getting my city and guilds only i have been told to apply for jobs out there i need a AQF111 is this correct? maybe you know as your living out there?
      Do you know if many firms sponsor english upholsterers? Not looking for a particular area just got told by my agent that adelaide was the area upholsterers were wanted
      Thanks once again for your reply
      any feed back would be great
      Cheers mate Craig

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      Hi craig
      City and guilds as far as im aware the only one that is recognised by the TRA never heared of the other one.
      Furniture upholsterer was at least when I applied on both the trade list and urgent list.
      I started applying in oct 2009 and had to go through TRA first. did this twice as I got knocked back and had to apply again, this said I got the fee back as they decided that I had sent enough proof the first time around. I then needed state sponsorship due to my age, even after all this.
      We got our visas in July 2010 after only 8 months,
      We then checked out Adelaide in the dec 2010 for a month and spoke to employers. looked at 3 jobs got offered 3.

      If you are in Australia you can also get recognised while youre here but I dont know much about this, or as I said get employer sponsorship. But not having done this my experience is ltd.
      Good luck

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      Also my friend didnt need an agent they slow things down, know of friends who are still waiting, you can do it all online. They will drag it out.
      My advice is just write off whatever youve spent on them and do it yourself. 8 months start to finish proves it.


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      hi martin, do u no of any factories in adelaide ? is it true that they are all north ? SORRY to impose on your thread zoe.................

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      Hi,sorry do you mean furniture factories? What are you looking for let me kniow if I can help I will be pleased to.

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      Here's a link with a few upholsterer's details:

      MerchantCircle | reupholstery in Adelaide, SA 5106

      I can vouch for Antrim Upholstery on that list as being a great business - they custom-made me 2 sofas a couple of years back, high quality & good price, never treated me as "just another customer" - they really listened to what I wanted. Very happy.

      Anyway, can't hurt to contact a few of the businesses on that list in case they are looking for extra staff. You never know! :)

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      hi martin
      thanks for the info very helpful. you wouldnt happen to no the website your friend did his application on by any chance. that would be a great help.

      Thanks Mate


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