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    Thread: White card question

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      The Dimmocks
      He got it through his first job, to with training courses and getting funding for it.

      Short Courses
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      Quote Originally Posted by jomark View Post
      hi the hia or master builders were the cheapest when i did mine last year.

      Thank you

      How much was it and how long did it take? Did you find getting work easy?

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      Quote Originally Posted by Damien View Post

      You do need a white card to work on site. You don't need a license if you work for a contractor, even if you subbie for them (they sign the contract with the builder/developer and have to show their license and insurance so the responsibility lays with them).

      You only need a license if you want to be a contractor, ie quote for work, invoice etc.

      I think you wrong there mate, as long as your self employed quoting for work or not you still need a liscence.If you are subcontracting and only work for that company then you need to supplying some materials or you fall into the grey area of should the company really be employing you as an employee or as a subby ???

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      Let me just clarify. If you sub contract to a company then that company will make you sighn a contract to them that you will work to their standards and be responsible for all your own work ect.. ect... so that is why you still need a contractors liscence. you even need a supervisers liscence if you work on your own !!!! Its all about revenue i'm afraid !!!


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