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      Calling on all Nurses

      Hi Guys

      Thanks for taking the time to read. I am a registered nurse in the Uk, and we are just on the beginning of the application process, in the UK i am an E grade district nurse and hope to work in a similar field once we make the move, what i am asking all you kind people, is salaries in Australia particularly Adelaide. if you could just give me some idea so we can start working on figures, also if any body could give me an idea of what they or an average nurse takes home each month after taxes and stopages.
      Hope somebody can help.



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      Hi Jim and gang,

      I am a midwife and I have had my skills assessed by ANMC and now sent the visa. I want to go to SA. If you go into this link www.rcna.org.au it will give you some info of agencies. I know a midwife will earn between $45,000 - $50,000 which is a little less than the UK but of course the cost of living is lower.

      I am originally from Halewood but now live in Devon. Where in Liverpool are you?



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