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      British gas


      Can anyone throw any information my way please. I have worked for British Gas for 8 years now as a technical engineer (fixing boilers/systems etc). I am in the process of a TRA application and was wondering if there are any other ex BG engineers who have made the move or if anyone knows an ex engineer who has moved out? If so did you/they find the process very difficult in terms of qualifying as a gasfitter, any help would really be very much appreciated.

      PS If anybody could recommend good companies to approach in SA it would really be appreciated.

      Many thanks for reading


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      My ex hubby worked for BG for 24 years as a tech. We emigrated in 1992 and I think its more or less the same now as back then ..... very, very difficult to get into the industry at the same level as in the UK. Ex gave up trying, retrained as a welded and not worked in the gas industry since.

      Others on here can give you the current situation.

      BTW I used to work for BG too, a long, long time ago!



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