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      Social work opportunities

      Hi all,
      Found this forum when looking for stories and advice from expats in Oz. I am a Social Worker with 1 year post qualification experience. My partner who is a primary school teacher and I are very interested in making the move to Oz. I had been reading on other forums that Social Workers who emigrate often find it difficult to find a job and if they do, they often find themselves in extremely challenging environments. Can anyone shed any light on this?
      Any help really appreciated

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      Hi Jo, not of much help but a Norweigan friend of mine in Adelaide is studying for her Master of Social Work here and has found social work/related jobs pretty easily over the past 3 years, both part time whilst studying and full time after getting her Bachelor degree.

      I work for a disability services organisation (in marketing) and we're often looking for people with social work/similar qualifications to work in our Day Options recreational programmes and also in roles with people with disability.

      www.seek.com.au is the main job search site here if you want to get an idea of jobs available...



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