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      janice hopper

      British Police in South Australia

      hi there,

      i was interested in chatting to a Brit who's been through the SAPOL recruitment drive. i was particularly interested in what you guys experience at Fort Largs.
      this year's successful intake will leave the UK in Feb 2012 - i think 90 UK recruits will go to the Police Academy in Taperoo.

      From your experience can you tell me how many other new recruits will be there training to become police officers? i.e. 200 including the 90 British recruits
      How is the training broken down - are the 90 British recruits broken down into smaller classes? If yes, is there training running simultaneously or staggered? How is it staggered - a month apart??
      What point in the course did you find the hardest and found yourself the most challenged?

      i'm just trying to get into my head how it all works! look forward to hearing from you,

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      Janice why? Are you joining or writing a book?
      Can help with your questions having done it but why do you ask

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      janice hopper
      will mail you! but no i'm not publishing or releasing any info!

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      janice hopper
      sent a few new mails. not sure if you're getting them or not. please let me know. if you're not getting them i'll resend on normal email! happy easter.



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