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    Thread: where should i take my first step

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      where should i take my first step

      is there anyone knows any opportunity for an accounting graduate with no experience? i've been graduated for 1 yr and couldn't find any relative job. so if any one knows there are some free internship or trainings, or even i can pay some money to gain an opportunity as a trainee in accounting or bookkeeping field?

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      I have had a few accountancy graduate students that have been studying MYOB with us as they are struggling to gain work and hope having MYOB might open some doors for them. I have also put one of the students forward for a book keeping/data entry position but the feedback from the employer was they were too over qualified for the job. It is hard to get your foot in the door, but I would try recruitment agencies for temp accounts/finance work, or admin positions with an accounts element or try doing voluntary work to gain some work experience and a referee that you can put on your resume, you don't need to say it is voluntary work unless you are asked.
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      thank you very much Jessica Berry~! Actually i''m current doing the MYOB short course in Tafe and hope this can help me gain some extra knowledge, you are right about the overqualified part since thats the feedback i got from those rejected letters,now i don't even dare to write in my resume that i'm masters~i don't want to have a master's payment~~~i think volunteer job should be a good choice, if u know any of those opportunities, please let me know~thanks



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