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      Marketing Jobs

      Thinking about taking the plunge and migrating to Adelaide but am worried about not getting a job. I am a marketing manager in a successful visitor attraction in Scotland but haven't seen any similar jobs in Ozz. In fact there dosen't seem to much in the way of jobs for marketers. :(

      Any advice?

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      They are about. I used to work in Marketing and see jobs advertised every now and again. Maybe you could contact some tourism companies before you get out here to get your name out there.

      Here's a few website links for you:


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      Hi Alan

      Welcome to the forum and good luck with making your migrating decision :D


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      Marketing Jobs

      Thanks for the advice! Most of the "marketing" jobs I have seen advertised are more 'sales' rather than 'marketing'. Lots of tele-sales vacancies etc. I know selling is a vital part of marketing but calling these types of vacancies 'marketing' is what gives the occupation a bad name. The jobs that are not obviously sales led all seem to be B2B. I am looking for something B2C and preferably in a more strategic role. I get the impression that my current skill set would not be much sought after in SA. I would also consider a PR position as I have built up a good reputation in this field in the UK, but again not much evidence that this is in demand in Adelaide. Still, I suppose I shouldn’t moan, finding any job would be a good start!



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