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      White Card

      G'day all, i have taken my White Card test online with Blue Dod Training and it has arrived in the post today. It does however have Western Australia on it in the Red strip, can i still use it in SA. On their site it states that the card is accepted in all states

      Is the bricklaying game picking up overthere yet as it's a disaster over here and i'm getting itchy trowel hand

      Regards Faz

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      Hi Faz

      yes it is recognised in south australia.


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      Faz, and anyone else who's interested,

      the O&HS construction white card is recognised THROUGHOUT Australia. The government moved to make it national, as it was getting too difficult and confusing regards different states and companies accepting only certain cards.

      You will prob find now that you will have to do an induction on every site you go on.

      Hope this helps :D


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      Hi Parko

      I work for a carpentry company and about half of our guys have done the white card course on-line and have cards that say Western Australia. All been fine until recently one of the big builders said they weren't accepting any cards from on-line courses any more so our guys have all had to go and do a 1 day course. Their new cards will say South Australia. Not sure if all the major builders will go the same way. Good thing is if you've got a CITB card, the course can be done for only $35 and over 6 overs.

      Hope this helps.


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      If this helps anybody I believe a lot of the on-line courses are through WA companies and maybe that why the have WA on them.
      I completed my white card on a day course and the card clearly states on a red panel on the left "South Australia" and "Safe Work SA Government of South Australia" in a box top left as that is where it was issued. On the reverse side it states along the top in a bold red band "WORKING ACROSS BORDERS"

      The old cards were not valid across borders but I believe all the new ones are.




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