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      Quote Originally Posted by cunnah10 View Post
      Hi Gang we are just down the road from you lot in Maghull(hubby grew up in huyton).got 4 kids aged 3,7,8 & 10(just 1 girl).Been browsing on this site for ages and just started to join in!It's a brill site!Great idea!We will be going to the "meet up" on 27th jan(be our first time for us)so looking forward to meeting everybody then!My Hubby also scored the 60 points as a TELECOM ENGINEER only to find out on our recent trip to Adelaide that this trade was not actually recognised as such.Came home very deflated and very worried as we had assumed 60 points scored they must want him and there must be plenty of jobs!That wasn't the story!Anyway we are still planning on getting there by this summer all being well and hubby will either have to go on the equiv ozzie telecom course to be accepted for jobs in that trade or plan B just have to try very hard and keep fingers crossed that he gets lucky asap as we have 4 hungry kids to keep feeding etc!House going up on market soon.Waiting for date to go for medicals and send off for police checkd then hopefully just sit back then and wait for our visa to arrive! And then panic!!Where do you hope to settle?We will prob stay in the south,got a few areas in mind!
      Have you been out to visit?
      Hi Again!Sent last message after reading the message you had written before!If that makes sense!I now know that you have been out before and that you are a midwife!I too backed out a few months ago!panic set in!But after long indepth talks with my hubby i have agreed that i will go out now if nothing else for 3 years on our temp visa until we get permanent!I am mainly doing it as many others for our 4 young kids!The UK is going down hill rapidly and i wonder what it will be like in 5/10 years! hard enough now bringing the kids up and keeping them safe!My main concern is leaving my beloved elderly parents who will never make the journey out there!They are absolutely devastated that we are going and not have their beloved grandchildren in their lives and be able to watch them grow up!I am dreading the day of saying goodbye not knowing if or when i will see them again!This is the reason i backed out a few months ago!But i have to stay strong and focused for the children as i know if we don't at least go out and try it then we will never know if we made the right decision!I would hate to live with regrets and what ifs!Don't think my parents will ever forgive me though!Very hard to cope with but i'm one of many people going through the same emotions and it has to be done(just wish it wasn't so dam hard)
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      I know what you mean about saying goodbye, my family are all originally from Glasgow and still live up there apart from my brother in Germany. Tony's family are all from Liverpool and we will miss them loads, especially the kids, and I know that his Mum doesn't want us to go because she will miss us but wants us to go to give our kids a great life experience. It is a hard decision, it has helped me to focus on the positive by thinking of all the benefits of emigrating and not to think too much about what and who we are leaving behind. My Mum doesn't want us to go but wants us to go to give kids a better life as well. You are right, living in UK has changed and our kids don't have the life they should have, we seem to pay tax for everything 3 times over (car tax, road tax, council tax, income tax etc etc) and have to work all hours to provide something decent. We are leaving for similar reasons. At least we are all being brave enough to get up and give it a go, better to go out there and hate it and return than to live with what if's. When and if you ever decide to return you know what and where you are returning to and you have given your family a great experience. I expect there will be times when we will all get upset and miss everyone here and wonder if we made the right decisions, we will all get through it. I am sure you will meet lots of people who are in similar situations and don't want to leave family behind.

      It will be great to see you all at the meet-up, see you there.

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      hi mary,
      think the majority of people on here will be going through the same mental torture, one day moving to australia seems like a such a good idea, the next it's just too scary to even think about it!! wish i was like mark he's always wanted to go and is counting down the days (even bought a bottle of champange for when the visa's come through!!) we travelled around australia for 5wks a few years ago ( i wasn't that keen on going as it was a place that never interested me , only to love the country and the people) we went everywhere BUT adelaide which is probably why im so nervous. just have to keep thinking about aaron growing up in a better country that england right now. if australia was the same distance as europe i'd be gone tomorow!! it must be some comfort to you that you have an aunty in brisbane, i know it's not down the road but still. i forgot to ask what stage are you at with your application?? are you taking your daughter to the meet up to put her mind at ease?
      take care
      macky, mark and aaron


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