Bare with me cos I'm typing this drunk.

My wife is a Primary teacher and when we come over, she'd like to be able to do a little supply etc (or the Oz equivalent). We have all the docs to fill in - wow, there's lots!

Did any of you fill these in while still in the UK? It's the "assessment of qualification" ones (where you pay) that we're looking at. It asks for a correspondence address and a residential address. We have neither. Yet.

Our plan was to get these forms sorted and sent in advance, cos we know a magistrate/JP type person over here to authenticate it all, y'know - the copies.

Is it easier/better etc to wait until you have a permanent residential address? Because for us that would mean our perm rental..... Which would delay her being able to work.

Although reading recent posts it seems like teaching jobs are as rare as rocking horse sh*t anyway. She wouldn't be bothered about a permanent post - we're on 4 year visas.

Any thoughts?