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      Looking for a Hairdressing Apprenticeship

      Hello, as the title says I am looking for a hairdressing apprenticeship. I am currently doing year 12 and finish school in 14 weeks, and counting! I will get my sace and I'm looking to find an apprentice by the time school is over.
      I have undertook a VET course which is Certificate 2 in hairdressing through TAFE so I already have some knowledge.
      The advice I have been given to find an apprenticeship is to tell everyone I know, which is hardly no one so that's why I am posting on here.
      If anyone is looking for an apprentice that would be great! But even if anyone knows anyone or hears of anyone looking for an apprentice that would be a great help!

      Kind regards :)

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      just bumping this up as im her mum and hoping she will find work as the "money tree" at the bottom of the garden is looking very thin...... ahahaha :)



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