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      Mental Health Nursing

      Hi ,
      I am a mental health nurse looking to emigrate with my family end April/beg May.Does anyone know of any good nurse banks/agencies I could contact?
      Also any mental health units/hospitals I could contact direct?
      Many thanks

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      Hi Shonagh

      I too am an RMN and in the process of applying for my visa. I work in the drug/alcohol field and jobs in that area seem a little thin on the ground so far. If you contact Neil at neilmcr62@googlemail.com
      he may be able to give you some info as he's a drug/alcohol RMN and has been in Adelaide a couple of months or so now and has secured himself a job in a psych. hospital. Neil commented that he reckons that once you've got a job you tend to have better access to jobs that are coming up. Neil took on a night shift job in acute admissions, I think, to get his foot in the door, so to speak. Hope this helps and good luck with your visa application.


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      Thanks Simon - will give it a go!:o


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