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      childrens nursing

      I qualified as a childrens nurse in sep 07 and I'm now working on a general childrens ward in england. Me and my husband visited Adelaide last april and loved it and are wanting to emergrate. We keep getting different information regarding how much experience i need before applying for a visa does anyone have any idea, some say 2 years others say 12 months???? thanks x

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      Hiya, I am also a childrens nurse but have 10 years under my belt!! TO go for PR you have to have 2-4 years experience. The best thing to do is go on www.immi.gov.au and look at the different visa options as they will tell you all you need to know. I think you would have to be sponsered to go out soon but do know that they have great packeages for newly qualified nurses in Oz.

      Any other help you need jut pm me.



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