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      ex bt engineer

      trying to find work did any other ex bt engineers find it hard

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      Unfortunately I think all ex BT engineers find it hard to find work in Adelaide at present - all the ones we know anyway. There was a discussion going on under jobs and careers section regarding work for Telecoms. We know 6 now in Adelaide and all have had to go self employed. It is hard but hopefully you will get there soon! good luck

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      trying to find work did any other ex bt engineers find it hard
      Hi We are due out this summer with our 4 kids!Tom my hubby is also A BT engineer and will be hoping for a job doing the same but now realizes this is not going to be easy!I am very concerned about this as he has a good secure job with good wages here in the UK and we have quite a good lifestyle!So a huge gamble giving this up to go to the other side of the world and try to find employment again!
      Where abouts in Adelaide are you?Have you put yourself on an ozzie telecom contracting course?Have heard a few guys have had to do this before getting any work!like yourself hubby thought scoring the 60 points in the beginning to get accepted to apply assumed they must want telecom engineers and wouldn't be a problem!How very wrong!Would you consider employment doing something else or is it not that easy!Most days i'm so focused on moving to Adelaide and then i have a panic dat i wonder are we doing the right thing!Hubby more focused than i am!But with 4 kids to worry about (as mum)i am bound to be apprehensive!

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      hi devon how have you gone about going self employed and how do you find the work regards paul

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      Hi Paul
      It's my OH that's the engineer. He doesn't actually come on here. I take it you're already here in Adelaide? Have you done the course yet to get your license? I know there's not many jobs in the paper at present for engineers. There are companies that once you're self employed take you on so that you can sub contract. He has worked for one that does Telstra's work but stopped working for them and now sub contracts to Foxtel. It's very hard work in the heat we've been having recently as up on the roofs gets really hot! Especially 42 degree days means the roof can get more like 60+ degrees! If you need more info if you send me a PM with the questions and I'll get the answers for you. Or see if he'd have a quick chat with you to point you in the right direction.


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