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      nurse matilda

      Question Nursing & Purchasing jobs

      Can anybody point us in the right direction for job searching advice?

      I am a district nurse currently and would like to continue the community nursing in Adelaide. Is this form of nursing privatley managed in Australia or state run? I have seen the South Adelaide District Nursing website, but not much else. Where should I be searching for information and job listings for this string? As we will be applying for the visa on my skill, I want to make sure I have got it right!

      Also, my hubby is currently working as a Senior Buyer, where should he go to search for jobs of this kind, agencies, websites, etc? (I need to get him out of the idea that he is gonna be a beach bum when we move to Australia!!)

      Marianne & Gary

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      Hi Marianne,

      We have only just joined this Forum (30mins ago...lol) and just saw your interesting post!

      Ref your Career as a "Community Health Nurse" - the Title "Community Nurse" is listed on the Australian Skilled Occupations Listed (called the SOL). It is worth 60points on the Visa Application :)

      Have a look at this website: www.workpermit.com
      (and just look under Australia)

      With regards to Supply Chain Websites try:


      What industry is your husband a senior buyer in. Does he work in cornwall.
      Oz/Adelaide are looking for supply chain professionals with strategic/global sourcing skills a real advantage.

      Feel free to pm us - may have some additional info for you. We too have selected Adelaide as our preferred destination.


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      Hi Marianne & Gary, Maz

      Can't help on the job front, but just wanted to say hi (apologies if I have done this before, my mind is leaving me a bit at the mo' with this journey that we are all on at the moment!)
      Cornelia (41), Andy (42!!), Ally (16) & Wee Andi (12) x


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