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    Thread: newly qualified electrician questions!

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      Thanks Andy for your response. I emailed Rebecca and although she was very helpful I was still a bit confused...maybe my questions weren't clear.

      I understand the basics (I think!) but I suppose we want to know our options for two different scenarios and to make sure I have got this right:

      1) doing the studying before we arrive in Adelaide. Rebecca gave us a price for the course and the books and said it will be a 4/5 day course once we arrive. (having done the studying in the UK).
      2). doing it all once we arrive in Adelaide. 7 day course over 3 weeks including the study.
      both with the ARTC form.

      Does that sound about right? So judging by your post you have had to wait about 8 weeks to get on the course? Where is the course you are doing and how long does it last for? I'm assuming you took the option of not doing any of the studying at home in th UK and left it until you got to Adelaide?!

      Anyway, thanks so much for your help!
      Nat and Steve

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      Hi Nat and Steve.

      Yeah you've got it about right.
      I did the studying in the UK, but i didn't book my exAm untill i had finished the work book. So the only dates avaliable was the 30th of July, hence the long wait. Advice to others, they don't need to see the workbook until you arrive at the center to do the course. so make sure you book the course far in advance so that there isn't a long wait once you arrive here.
      The course at PEER (which is about 10 mins north west of Adelaide city center, on Port road i think) is a 4 day revision and then an exam and a practical test of a mock up installation. If you private message you email address i've got some bits to send to you that will help you out abit before you book up the course.
      I didn't and still don't have my ARTC yet. I've been told by them that the won't look at it untill you have been in the county for 3 months. What i've done is brought it all with me and i have found a place in the city called Skills Recognition Services, and they help migrants with advice to get your skills assessed in Aus. They guy there (Adam) went through my application and told me what needed to be adjusted and changed to give it a better chance of being approved. They then book with a Justce of the Peace to get your forms and certificates certified for free. In the UK it cost me 2 per sheet to be certified by a solicitor.
      Rather then going on and on, i'll just answer questions that are asked because i could go on for days .
      Cheers Andy

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      The PEER 4 day course is 6 exams over the 4 days.
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