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      Question Where are all the jobs - Graphic Design??

      I obtained my skilled visa for Adelaide as Graphic Designers are on the job shortage list. I presumed there would be plenty of jobs for me when I got here. I have been living in Adelaide now for 5 1/2 months now and have probably applied for about 3 jobs as that is all there has been! I am working as a designer - but it is not the type of role I would normally do as it is too junior for me and the money is not good. I just want to know where all the jobs are and I have been mislead. It is a very frustrating situation to be in. Does anyone feel the same way? I feel very desperate!
      Also does anyone know if I can start my own business on the skilled visa? I don't think I am able to - but it seems to be the only way out of this. I had my own business in London and I am itching to challenge myself here.
      Oh - and if anyone knows any jobs going - or needs any design doing - please let me know!
      Any advice would be appreciated!

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      I no nothing about design or design jobs im afraid, but I think you can start a business on a skilled visa, depending on the type, I will be going on a SIR495 and know I can start one if I want.:)


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      thanks for your advice. I have since found out that I can be 'self employed' rather than own a company. So I'm going to look into that. Good luck with your move and starting your business! It's all fun!

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      I like you feel frustrated beyond measure. I am not in Graphic Design but am a teacher. So far, teachers jobs are in short supply unless you head for the sticks which I am unwilling to do with a family trying to settle into life on the other side of the world. Getting a job in a private school is hard to do unless you are connected or attend church.

      I just want to do the job I am trained for. And it is very frustrating that I can't do that...


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      Hi Libby
      It sounds like you feel pretty much like me! I was expecting things to be a bit easier. It must be a lot harder for you as you have a family. It is just me and my fiance so our we are only responsible for ourselves. I know a couple of other teachers who have struggled and it surprised me as I thought there would be lots of jobs for teachers here - or that's what I was led to believe. I keep on being told it is who you know - not what you know. I've been told that 'networking' is the key, so we are meant to join every club and social group going! So frustrating!! Anyway - I wish you luck in getting a job and if you need anyone to talk to I'm here!

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      I dont know too much about graphic design here, but my brother has his on business in the uk and I can tell the difference between "home made" and the proper job. Unfortunatly here, the "home made" is what most businesses go for. Flyers, business cards etc, done by what looks like a 4 yr old with power point. I have no doubt if you had enough money to see you through the bad times while starting up, you could make a killing with the real thing. Thats if you could get them to change their ways. For example, have you ever looked at the Bumnnings catalog that comes through with the junk mail???

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      OK I know this is a silly question but why are these jobs on the 'Australia needs you' list there aren't the vacancies?

      How many people have come here after being told their job skills are been cried out for only to find no job vacancies? I would've thought if Australia was desperate for people to fill these skills then there would be plenty of vacancies.

      The 'Australia needs you' list seems a little misleading to me.

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      Hi Sarah....
      ha ha! I love the comment about the junk mail - really funny - made me laugh out loud. I know exactly what you mean about the 'home made' look. It is really frustrating. We don't have the money yet for me to start on my own yet.. but I we are going to work hard at getting it. It is hard enough just getting furniture and starting life from scratch.. as everyone here understands! Thanks for your encouragement though - it means a lot. Hopefully I will be injecting some style into adelaide design soon enough! - Jo

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      Hi Di - you couldn't have said it better! I feel a lot of this is misleading as the government tries to up the population so bends the rules on the 'shortage list'. It might be good for them - but not for me! I feel have put myself and others in a difficult position by doing this.

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      I do feel for you and others that come here expecting to find a job with ease. Our move here was very different, my hubby joined the RAAF so had a job to start as soon as we landed, the disadvantage is we don't get a say where we live and we move quite a lot but we're use to that as the military has been our live for 17 years now (as a married couple) and 26 years for my hubby.


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