Hi all, I am applying to University here in the UK in hope of becoming a Midwife and will start next year if I am successful. I am coming to Adelaide on a reccie in April and I'm really keen to get some experience of midwifery in Australia as I if all goes according to plan this is where I will be in the future! We will be in Adelaide for a month when we arrive in April so a few days volunteering on a maternity ward or even out and about with a Midwife/ antenatal clinic would be fantastic experience for me and would gain me a good insight into 'real midwifery'. I don't know how these things work with regards to CRB checks and so on etc but if anyone could help me out or can point me in the right direction I really would be ever so grateful, it may help me a great deal with my chances of getting into University and getting my dream job!!!!
Thanks in advance,
Jodi x