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      Management Accountant

      Hi All,

      I am a qualified management accountant (CIMA) and currently looking for roles in Adelaide. I have gone down the usual route of meeting up with consultants from Hays, Talent 2 and Hender and I have so far had 1 interview for a role which I closely missed out on. Are there any other accounting/finance people out there who can recommend any recruiters/point me in the best direction for contract roles?

      I appreciate any advice as I've only been in Adelaide for just over a week and everything is still very new!

      Many thanks,


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      Hi Steve

      Did you have any luck with your search yet? I am CIMA qualified the same as you and I'll be moving over in December. I've put my CV on a few websites and applied for several jobs this weekend but I'm not sure anything will happen until I get there.


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      I take you are also checking Seek.com.au as well?
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      Hi Melanie, I'm currently in a contract role which has been extended. The contract market is very quite and from meeting with recruiters I have been told it's even quieter over the Christmas period which is the same as back home really. I can't comment much on permanent roles as I haven't been looking at those but I wouldn't get disheartened if you aren't contacted before you get here as most recruiters won't even consider you for a role until they meet you. Are you planning on being in Adelaide when you get here? When you do make it over if you send me a message I'll forward you on some details of some recruiters I found to be useful.



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