Hi all,
As the time for moving draws ever closer the worry and pessimism for getting a job is starting to kick in, at the moment i am an electro/mechanical Engineer and have six years experiance in the Engineering industry, although i have no further education qualifications.
Heidi is the main applicant as a Staff Nurse so we are confident that she will get work no probs but it is i who is worried due to not having any qulifications to get a job that pays well enough to keep my family when we decide to have another baby.
Can anyone give me any advice what Adelaide could offer me in terms of a reasonably well paid job, I am a hard worker and would do what it takes to put food on the table, but i am reluctant to travel all that way to struggle when i have a well paid job over here.
Heidi and i both share the dream of a life down under but i cant get excited due to the worry of not being able to support my family.
Many thanks in advance,
a very worried Jamie.