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      Cool Gardening jobs

      My names Adam, and my family and i will be arriving in Adelaide on 12 nov,
      i am a gardener and will be looking for work shortly after i arrive, if theres anyone
      who can help please get back. Thanks very much Adam.
      ps i am a hard worker, gardening for 20 years.

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      Hi Adam, I work for a not for profit organisation called Bedford. We support people disability/disadvantage in employment, training and community involvement. As part of our employment area, we run Australian Disability Enterprises across SA (think Remploy in the UK). One of these is APG - Adelaide Property and Gardens - who have depots at Pooraka (noth of the city) and Lonsdale (South) - employing 160 people with disability plus support staff. We're always looking for great staff, so once you arrive/before you arrive it may we worth calling the manager of APG - Chris Collingwood and having a chat about any potential opportunities. The main number is (08) 8275 0211 and ask for Chris. Good luck! =)

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      I noticed on another thread you posted on you are arriving mid November, just to make you aware if you are not already is that end of Nov/Dec/Jan are generally the worst times to be looking for work as a lot of places close over the Christmas period as this is the kids 6 weeks school holiday period, so just keep it in mind and I would suggest making sure you have money to cover this period as a precaution just in case.

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      Thanks for replying to my question soo, this sounds like a very worthwile organisation, i am from guernsey channel islands, i have
      not heard of remploy in the uk, but as a guess am i right in saying i would be working with and overlooking people with disability in
      a contract gardening enviroment? and would this be a salaried post.
      Thanks Adam.



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