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I have been here 14 years and never seen the building trades so bad as just now, this time last year i was saying no to work had too much just now I am working day to day more or less just got enough to keep myself going and still have to have the odd day off during the week.
Well i guess you could say the same about the uk right now. Alot of people are saying there is no work etc etc but my hubby has always managed to find work and keep it. He's a hard grafter and damn good at his job so i have faith in him :)

I also have to agree some with D&L as ive always found forums to not be very balanced with views. Most people who are doing ok dont give the forums another thought once they no longer need the answers them selves , i know this true for all the people we know who have moved.

We are lucky realy as we know people in nearly every state ..some family some friends or friends of friends but i just like to hear other views also from all walks of life. I feel its always good to get as many points of view as you can then you can process the info and apply it to your own situataion :)

so thanx everyone :) Do hope the people struggerling for work find some soon and it turns out good for you all...

we are a long way off moving yet as still have a house to sell and visa to land so maybe things will pick up. I know guys here who have been out of work for mths and mths but others who have so much work they are like my husband working 7 days week .. guess its the same world over!

We have friends living in Adelaide who say they have had to change jobs but havnt been out fo work for more than a week at the most , so that gives us hope. And we are prepeared to move with the work no worries about that. we dont have some dream of a big house less hours etc.. we expect to be worse off than we are now at least for a few years and have to struggle and make our mark so i think as long as we expect the worst and dont hold any rose tinted glasses then with hard work and a little faith in each other we can make it work for us. If not then at least we had the balls to try and it will have been an adventure :)

Thank you everyone for your options ..

Best wishes all ... *fingers crossed work picks up for ya all * (^_^)