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      Lightbulb .net/c# related job needed

      Anybody can recommend .net/c# related job (developer, engineer) for me in Adelaide? have 8 yrs working exp on it, expected to move to AD

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      There is a really good site for that sort of work in Aus. Hubby uses it. Lists all the Adelaide jobs going. If I can dig up the link I'll pop back and post it.

      In the meantime (if you've not done so already) do a bit of research online and look up your line of work and so on in Adelaide. Returns coming up, from employment agencies to jobs advertised. Not sure what the job market in your field is like currently but last time I looked your skills were going. Hubby doesn't do MS stuff these days so am out well out of the loop as to what is what. Whenever I look for stuff I am looking for his set of skills so pass over the C++ and C# stuff.

      Good luck with it all :)



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