Hi everyone!

I'm a newbie! I noticed there is a thread at the moment about primary teaching but I don't want to hijack it! I was just wondering what the job situation is like for Secondary School teachers? I'm doing my PGDE at the moment for teaching Geography and Modern Studies, and following my probationary year, my family and I would like to emmigrate to either New Zealand or Adelaide.

My husband is an electrician, so he would be the main visa applicant. He seems worried that we won't get jobs out there but I'm more optimistic! At the moment I'm swaying towards Adelaide as I've heard New Zealand wages are lower with an increasing cost of living. Is there alot of supply work in Adelaide? I've also read that it may be a bit easier to find work outwith Adelaide itself. Any thoughts?

Any advice much appreciated - my head is swimming with research!
Thank you!
Heather Girl