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    Thread: Theater Nursing

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      cornish Busdriver

      Question Theater Nursing

      Anyone working as a theater nurse ?

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      iam but in uk


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      cornish Busdriver
      Hiya Debbi.
      Was just fishing around to see if anyone working in theaters in Adelaide.
      Missus is a Theater nurse and just trying to get some info on what the conditions are like and if Scrub nurses are as skrewed up over there as they are here. :).
      Were going out in June,

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      hi, well i hope they are!!!!

      i think from what i have read they seem to be a bit behind the times in theatres but i think that may be if you are from a big teaching hospital (which i am not) you may notice the difference...but in all honesty they cannot be any worse than were i am at the minute.....cant wait to get out there

      BE has a big nursing forum that i get a lot of help from (and this site of cause)


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