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      advice re job applications

      Just a general question, we are hoping to move at the end of April, my partner has started applying for jobs as everything depends on him
      getting work. He has applied for about 20 jobs and he is having no feedback. He has a lot of experience in the work he does and his C.V is
      great, has anyone else on here found themselves in the same situation and if so any advice.
      he is an aircraft fitter if any1 knows of any companies in south australia that he could perhaps send his cv off to we would be grateful if you coulf pass them onto us.
      Failing getting a job in his industry he would consider maybe mining, if any 1 could give us some feed back on the type of work in the mines and the conditions etc then again we would be grateful

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      Hello and welcome. I'll move this post to the Employment section for you, think its better suited there. Also have a look round that section as you may find some pointers in other posts.


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      I would say unless he has a skill that is in demand (just because he is on a skills list does not necessarily mean his skills are in demand in Adelaide) then he may not receive much feedback, but that is not to say give up because he may send it to someone and on that day someone resigns, you just never know. Adverts are also increasingly putting a reference to the fact you have to be in Adelaide to apply, so he may have more luck once he is here.

      In the current climate employers are inundated with applications for jobs and you have to be ruthless. I recently placed a job on seek and I deliberately put in criteria to try to put off people who were not suitable applying because we know we will get inundated with applications from every man and his dog. I used to get employers contacting me directly for staff because they did not want to place an advert on seek because they could not cope with the volume of applications they would receive.

      Mining is very difficult to get into unless you have the skills and experience they are looking for.

      It is the same with every job if you have something they want, you will not be short of offers.

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      I'm already living here & was looking for part time work.

      I applied for approx 30 jobs & would say that only about 5 bothered to reply, so the fact that you haven't had any response is quite normal for here, so dont take it personally if you're not getting any responses.

      I managed to find 2 jobs advertised that I had alot of experience in. One of them had over 200 applications, so I felt quite lucky to even get an interview. I got offered both jobs within 2 days of each other & had to turn one down.

      I agree that it would be alot easier to find work once you are here in Adelaide but it can be scary to come out not knowing that you have a job to come to.



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