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      plumbing work

      hi all can anyone in the know tell me i there is plenty of work for plumbers i have been on the usual agency sites and doesent seem to be alot about compared to other states anyone can help with info i would be gratefull jez

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      In my opinion there seems to be plenty of work for plumbers here.

      Especially fabricating plumbers that can turn their hand to jobs that are not everyday.

      My friend who runs the property services at a big private school is struggling to find a good all round plumber.The school is older and often needs special parts made on site.Plus they will only employ highly skilled with lots of experience.

      PS if anyone is here now and fits the bill drop me a PM.:)

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      hi, the ex is a plumber, there is plenty of work around, however, there is a lot for working on new builds and i believe the plumbers do more jobs i.e. digging trenches etc. there are better jobs out there. one of the best payers in SA is metropolitan plumbing which does have a website, you can google it. they pay $30 per hour but do be prepared to work the long hours. some small companies are only willing to pay between 21-25 per hour and increase as you go...

      hope that helps.

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      i have eight years experiance in plumbing and gas work mainly general plumbing i have city and guilds in advanced craft in plumbing and i am corgi reg it worrys me that they might not want to give me a chance because i will need some training and having no exp there it will be hard to get started


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