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Hi Steve

What type of temp visa are you on? We came here on a temporary Visa SIR495 and were temp residents for 2 and half years before we applied and became permanent residents. The temporary visa made no difference to my husband getting a job, even if it said permanent australian resident. He also works in IT.

I'm on a very temp temp visa, which only allows me to work for one employer for 6 months at the moment. I had intended to some degree to stay with my existing employer, then go down the sponsorship route but unfortunately there has been a management change of heart and they no longer wish to employ people in remote locations. So, I'm having to step up the pace a bit now as I have my one months notice period to work!

If anyone knows of any opportunities, my LinkedIn profile is as follows, which should give you a fair idea of my skillset and what I am about: http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=75997636