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      no wonder there is such a skill shortage if our own skilled people are put through so much trouble to gain work,maybe this skill shortage will be there for a good while longer yet,unless things change.a plumber should not have to consider stacking shelves in a b&q type store should he?

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      You'll find a lot of things very infuriating here mate.


      You have to just go with the flow. That's the way things are, and you have to accept it.

      When in Rome..........................and all that. :)

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      the terry's
      Hi all, haven't been on this site for while now so thought i would take a look and found this. As some of you know we intended to move to adelaide but due to not having enough points had to go for state sponsorship from Victoria, and the reason we are not moving to adelaide is because SA does not do or didn't at the time sponsor PLUMBERS to go there, which was very disappointing for us. We were told that there was not a need for plumbers. OH has also been told that with all his qual's he too would have to go to college 2 evenings a week for 2 years and that apparently the test is quite hard too, and should you not pass you have to wait a few months before taking it again. It seems such a shame that we are lead to believe they need trades to come to Oz but boy do they make it more difficult than what it really should, surely someone in gov. could suggest an easier way and more fair way of getting licenced and start to earn a living, surely that is what they are after and everyone who needs the trades. It seems to me that if there was a competancy test or theory or both together with their english qual's this should be enough. We have found that this is all over Oz not just SA or Victoria. OH is seriously thinking of doing a different type of job altogether....especially when gardeners can get 55-60 A$ an hour....it makes you think !

      Best wishes to all,


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      Just thought I'd give you an update on my guest who wasn't able to find work as a plumber.
      Well, he phoned me to tell me he's finally suceeded. After much phoning around, a pom, has taken him on. Initially for 2 days but it looks like there maybe a few more hours here and there.

      So, I guess there's a happy ending, although its been a nightmare for the poor guy!

      Judi x

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      Quote Originally Posted by Roo1 View Post
      I've recently had a guest staying in our rental who is a plumber and believe you and me, its not been the best of starts for him since arriving.

      In the U.K he was fully qualified, all singing and dancing but here his qualifications mean zilch. From what he told me he has now needs to go back to college (TAFE) and get his Master Plumber Cert if he is to work without supervision.
      They put alot of emphasis on sewers and drains here, so there's training on that, plus the plumbing here is different from the U.K and different ways of doing the job need to be learnt.

      He's been advised to get a "Gas Certificate" as well, as the course is shorter and he's got more chance of getting a job quicker.

      He's been in touch with "the main guy" who is supposed to be the one overviewing immigrants who have come over as plumbers.
      Apparently this guy has been put forward as the one to contact by the Aus Gov but he is overwhelmed by the sheer lack of support for trades people by the Aus Gov. On a different forum, plumbers are very angry with him for the lack of support, but its really not his job to get people work. He's just an ordinary guy doing his job at TAFE and through lack of communication has found himself in a position beyond his control to help people.

      My guests spent one day phoning 20 plumbers from the Yellow Pages to see if they needed an extra plumber, he got nowhere and 3 weeks in feels very depressed.

      He's now considering working at Bunnings (like B&Q) just to tied him and his family over.

      I shall let you know how he gets on (pity he doesn't have internet access at his new long term rental or he could tell you all this himself).

      I'm sorry thats its not what you want to hear all plumbers out there but unless you've got a job to go, please realise there's going to be some hurdles to overcome when you get here.
      The Aus Gov needs to sort their s*** out when it comes to tradesmen and give them the support that they need and deserve.

      Ooooh eck! thank for that Judi, OH is a plumber got his certificates and experience but the thing is he hates plumbing he also is a plasterer no qualis just experience (self employed as plumber/plasterer) also he does tiling, any type of woodwork he can do to.... hes a right old handy man and a perfectionist too (sometimes too perfect.... he calls me a cowboy!) , obviously we'd be going on his skills as a plumber and have been told he dosent have to do plubing when he gets here...so would he have to have qualis in the areas i just mentioned to get work or could he just go to a work site and say "i can tile plaster (tho they dont plaster in oz) build, flooring basically im a handy man" or would he have to have qualis' to work in either of them fields.

      Thank you
      Rach xx


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