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      Chefs/cooks Jobs

      Just wondered if there is anyone in hospitality who could let me know what the job situation is like at the moment. My hubby is a chef (no formal qualifications) and has been working in a busy cafe for the last couple of years here in New Zealand. Is there plenty of work around at the moment? Was also wondering if his lack of qualifications would be a problem. He is really looking to continue in the cafe style environment. Any advice would be appreciated.

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      The wife works at a local hotel (rooms) with a restaurant attached - chefs are massively in demand and seem to keep moving on to other jobs at a whim. There has been fifteen full-time chefs employed at the hotel in her two-year period there. It does give the impression that there is plenty of work for them - no-one appears to stay in one job for long.

      I guess that if your old man is good and willing to stay in one place, he will be gold dust in a few employers eyes.

      Good luck
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