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    Thread: Help!!! Work needed electrician

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      Thanks Chris I have sent you one too yes I got the date wrong. Lol

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      Quote Originally Posted by Jessica Berry View Post
      Seek is a good source, but I would still look in the paper. In some instances recruiters/HR Departments are choosing the Advertiser job pullout as a more targeted recruitment method because they know if it goes onto seek they will be inundated with replies from every man and his dog whereas the newspaper can attract a more serious applicant. This can also help potential applicants as there may be less people applying through the newspaper which means less competition.

      You need to ensure you have a great resume and cover letter as well to attract the attention of the recruiters when they are sifting through all the responses.

      Being in this exact field i partially agree with the first part but TBH the second part overcomes the first.

      A well presented resume and cover letter goes straight to the interview pile, using a recruitment agency (who use Seek anyway) to filter out the wheat from the chaff is what their job is, in saying that if they are 'generic' agencies then overseas people do not often get put forward which is why the next few weeks/months will be interesting.

      Some people just do not know how to sell themselves and i doubt the agencies will do that for you

      Sure apply for everything and research the company you are applying for, if you know the particular company go direct & drop off a resume at reception and ask who will be looking at it (get their contact details too) AND FOLLOW UP !

      Of the last six we took on, three were via an agency through Seek, two were from the paper and one a 'cold call' with a decent resume.
      The latter appeared before we placed the add.

      I should add though this is for Service & Maintenance works.
      Construction also use agencies too but if a resume lands on the desk of the construction manager at the right time (as above in bold) then they will not have to pay an agency fee.

      Wish all these new arrivals all the very best in finding employment and will, naturally, assist/advise in any way i can.
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