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      wall & floor tiler

      am tryng to find if ceramic tilers are in need in adelaide area.already had one very positive reply from passionate pom would like more for peace of mind and any relevant info to go with this ta.also my wife is a registered nurse wanting to go part time anyone help with any info on this again had a couple of very helpful replies

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      I don't know about Adelaide mate, but here in Perth there is no shortage of work. I'm sure it'll be the same over there. Things are done a little differently over here. You have to screed the floor to provide a fall to a floor drain, and there is no such thing as "Bal". It's all powder over here, mixed with water. Again, it could be different in SA, as their internal walls are mostly plasterboard (I think), wheras ours are brick.

      Good Luck.

      At least you had replies. I don't seem to be having much luck finding out about plumbing over there.
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      thanks for the info m8 u av to use powder for the wall adhesive too . i bet the dryng time is much quicker n all .sorry about delay in replying what kinda pay u on if u dont mind me asking;)


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