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      Our time for a wobble...

      Hi All!

      Well, we're moving out to Adelaide in July. We'll have six months of accommodation paid for and are coming with enough money to last us for four months from touchdown before we'll have nothing! If we can sell our UK property in time, we'll have about nine-twelve months before we're penniless!

      I've budgeted myself and my partner getting minimum wage jobs as a worst case scenario.

      She's a Secondary School Teacher and I am a Financial Planner in the UK. She wants to continue being a teacher, and we have applied for the Skills Assessment with the TRB and have booked the Mandatory Notification Training for shortly after we arrive.

      So now my questions:

      1) Is TRT work relatively easy to come by? Are people working for five days a week, four days or one day on average? There seems to be a real difference of information on other posts - some who've gone into contracts straight away, others that are saying they only earn $100 a day - which I don't understand as the Government rate is $330 a day?

      2) I've go to do the Diploma in Financial Planning to have equivalent qualifications in SA. I'm thinking about a change of pace and would love to work for the South Australian Police Department. THe physical tests won't be a problem, and I know they're recruiting, but I don't know what the chances of success are? I'm unsure whether to do these swap over exams to take my UK Finance Qualification over or not?

      So that's us! Just worried about the odds of finding any work in the first four months that pays us around $4000 a month combined so we can live (barely), and then concerned about the career aspect second really. Willing to do anything initially as long as it pays the bills.

      Thanks for your time guys!
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      Regarding secondary school TRT work, I honestly don't think there will be a problem. I am on a contract at Christies Beach High and in week 3 last week, there were plenty of TRT teachers in. The first week of term there probably won't be much as most teachers are in but it doesn't take long before they are sick/off to conferences/training etc and TRT is needed. I don't understand why anyone would only get 100 dollars a day - that must be with an agency that pays poorly. Randstat paid about 180 a day over a year ago, so 100 seems really low. I would only register with an agency initially to try a few schools out but also send out your CV/mandated cert/first aid cert out to loads of schools - they will soon get back to you and once you are in and they like you, you will have regular and better paid work.
      Good luck!
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