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    Thread: Nursing & IELTS

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      Quote Originally Posted by brookesy View Post
      Hi Kathleen&craig

      My wife is a RMN she has spoke to ANMC and has been told that she does not need to sit an IELTS test due her degree and diploma, this covers the five years and more that the ANMC requires. Hope this helps.

      the ANMC is different for AHPRA, one assesses your skills the other you register with.. the rules do keep changing but i would suggest you wife obtaines a academic ielts before registering.
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      Sorry folks I dont think I gave the right info. With regards to my wifes app to ANMC I think the reason she does not have to re sit her IELTS is because we have a 175. Im sorry if I gave the wrong info. Apologies.

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      3 weeks ago aphra in SA does not want my ielts ( they have got it tho i sat it and they will have it!) they just want a statuatory declaration signed and scanned back ( not notarised) to say I had completed my education in the uk. my migration man was very suprised said he had no heard of this before. Its all a mystery i find! good luck tho whatever you decide ( I am going on a 457 so only have to register with aphra)

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      Hi there, at the moment i am going through AHPRA registration and i have had to get a letter from my High School to prove i was and have been taught in english then signed by a justice of the piece officer to register, i have not had to sit the ielts, hope this helps

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      It appears to be different for different visa applications
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