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      Chris the carpenter

      Hello all, im a newbie

      I have been in Oz for about a month and live permanently in Hallett Cove with my family.
      My 5yr old son is in the R12 and my girl is due for pre school.

      We managed to find a 12 month rental that is nice, and im now looking for a job.

      I am fully skilled and qualified with 18 years experience in 1st and 2nd fix. I Specialise
      in all aspects including kitchen fitting, roofing, built in furniture, doors, skirting, architraves, etc..
      Im ready to start work immediately and have my own tools and transport wagon.
      I also have a white card and TFN.

      Any help would be great thanks.


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      Welcome Chris!
      I'm a neebie as well and am not yet there in SA
      I'm sorry you have had no luck yet in the employment department, especially since my husband Tad, is in your field.
      Have you attempted to contact a recruiter? They are saying to job market is slow, but it may increase your chances a bit?
      Good luck to you and your family and let me know when you have success!
      Best wishes, Sunny Caster
      ps. It also never hurts to cruise bunnings

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      Hi Sunny
      thanks for the info.I only started looking yesterday and most of the jobs online are out of date and some in the papers
      have been took, you need to pounce on them quick i think.
      The 1st month here i was busy with rentals, shipping and getting paperwork so i can work. there's so much red tape out here
      you can get all tangled.
      Ill see if i can put an advert up in bunnings.

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      the hurns
      good luck chris hope you find summit soon we will b in the same boat come jan 2013 just hope things r a little better and the job market is better by then x

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      There are around 10 tower crains in Adelaide at the moment with the new hospital to erect more craines, an aussie project maneger with the firm I work for told me he hasn't seen this many since 1985 so I think Adelaide will be very busy in the coming months for trades. One of are contractors said they will find it hard to get trades once the buildings come out of the ground.
      Keep an eye out in the papers and contact all the employment agancies like Hays so they know you are looking, Adelaide has been slow most of last year but things have started to move again now.

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      Hi Chris, I too am a carpenter and been finding it hard to get work, been here nearly 3 months and nothing, been around some sites and sent off thirty odd cv's and applied to the odd job online. There is nothing ever online. you look at some of the other states and there are plenty of carpenter jobs going in the likes of NSW and WA. the whole sponsorship thing is a Joke. I know of one guy on here has allready given the two fingers to staying in the state and has gone to work in Queensland. he called the government of SA and they said it was fine for him to leave and he didnt have to honour his two year stay. I have been working in furniture removal for 7 weeks to get some cash coming in, but that now is only 2 days a week so am looking hard for work too. I am even thinking of moving on but we have just signed a 12 month lease.



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      Hi d.c
      Sorry to here all that mate, if i get lucky ill ask around for you.

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      thanks Mark, thats great info, ill check that out. ;)

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      ok,, pm me nearer the time and if i have a stable job ill put my feelers out over here for you.



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