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      Muckwork and bunnings advice

      when you make motar out here is it the same as the uk ( sand and cement, 5 and 1) or do you add lime or anything to stop the heat cracking it.
      its for bedding on ridge tiles. i was gonna do a stiff 4 and 1. Is bunnings the best for materials.. also i need to buy a ladder for 2 storey house, bunnings has them for $240, is that good.

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      If its only a small job you can buy 20kg bags of mortar mix not over expensive,if you're going to mix your own you need to go to a sand and metal[gravel]depot for your supplies 5 or 6 to 1 with 1 of lime.
      As for the ladder I personally support my local Home Hardware if I can, Bunnings are very competitive probably hard to beat their price.

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      probably cant go to far wrong with gorilla 229....150kg i think .So are you bedding new ridge or patching............theres some new gear here if your re doing
      oh..........and be careful up 2 storeys should be scaffold or use harness



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